I specialize in relational therapy with adults, individuals and couples.

The way I view therapy is through the premise that, from our earliest days as infants, we are all formed and impacted by relationships; and it is often relational struggles of one kind or another that bring you to the point of seeking therapy. Sometimes our past or current relational struggles impact us in ways that cause us to ignore or hide certain parts/aspects of ourselves, leading to less than fulfilling relationships, and perhaps a cycle that can feel devoid of hope. My aim in working with you is that we can form a connection where you feel comfortable exploring these issues, both within the history of your life, and within the current backdrop of relationships, including the therapist-client alliance. In doing so, we can help you better understand the correlation between your troubled thoughts and feelings and the relational imprints you’ve sustained in your life, all for the purpose of you feeling better about yourself and the meaningful relationships in your life.


Marriage Counseling Renton WA
Brian Pendergast, MA, LMHCA